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   Fluoride Levels
   Tuesday (2/24): 2.2 mg/L
   Wednesday (2/25) 2.2 mg/L
   Thursday (2/26): 2.2 mg/L 
   Friday (2/27): 2.1 mg/L 
   Saturday (2/28): 1.9 mg/L 
   Sunday (3/1): 2.0 mg/L 

Thu, Mar 5, 2015
25° Partly Cloudy
City of Gillette Customer Service Office Undergoing Remodel
The City of Gillette's 1st Floor Remodel Project is moving into its next phase. The Customer Service office will still be open during this phase.
Review the Working Draft of the Proposed Stormwater Ordinance
The City of Gillette Engineering Department would like the public to review the working draft of the proposed Stormwater Ordinance and to provide comments.
Madison Pipeline shutdown through March 31, 2015
The City of Gillette will shutdown the Madison Pipeline through March 31st, 2015. The shutdown is necessary to tie in the existing Madison Pipeline with the new pipeline.