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Itinerant Merchants


Currently permitted itinerant merchants:

The City of Gillette does not endorse any of the products that itinerant merchants sell, and the public is purchasing these products at their own risk.

The Plant Shack has purchased an Itinerant Merchant permit to sell seasonal plants at 3803 South Douglas Highway from April 20th through July 20th.

Charter Communications has purchased an Itinerant Merchant permit to sell subscriptions door-to-door from June 22nd through July 21st (excluding Sundays).

REMEMBER:  Itinerant merchants should always wear their itinerant merchant badge.  If a citizen prefers not to have itinerant merchants on their property, please put up a "No Soliciting" sign on your property.  You can get a free "No Soliciting" sign from the City Clerks office at City Hall. If you have any problems with an itinerant merchant, please call the Gillette Police Department at (307) 682-5155.