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Sustainability Programs in Gillette

Rebate Programs

Please feel free to contact us anytime. If you have concerns or questions about watering during the summer months, be sure to let us know.

Welcome to the Sustainability page for the City of Gillette. The purpose of this page is to inform and educate while providing individuals and organizations – both in government as well as the private sector - with definitive steps to help make Gillette a model for all communities in Wyoming by being “Clean and Green.”

Defining sustainability may be a useful first step:

Sustainability has many definitions which tend to be unique to every community, but the basic principles and concepts remain constant: balancing a strong local economy; protecting and preserving the environment; and making proper choices and decisions to achieve an improved quality of life for ourselves and future generations.

Sustainability is an ongoing pursuit that seeks to balance environmental, economic and community needs which include:

  • wise use of natural and economic resources
  • energy, water, and resource efficiency
  • waste reduction and recovery of usable materials
  • reuse and recycling
  • more attractive and well planned neighborhoods
  • coordinated efforts to educate and encourage our community to take action

The City of Gillette is committed to: clean waterways and sustainable water supplies; attractive and family friendly neighborhoods; green parks and open spaces to support active lifestyles; reducing waste and increased recovery of recyclable materials to protect our environment; optimal utilization of natural resources and much more.

The City plans to collaborate with local government agencies, local businesses, nonprofit organizations, and other partners to promote actions, provide services and enhance Gillette’s vision of a clean and green community. The City has also taken a number of actions to become more energy efficient, reduce water consumption, and increase recycling. Click here to see a list of the projects that we've done.