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Antelope Valley and Crestview Estates Annexation Information


Important Dates

  • October 24th - City Planning Commission Meeting to consider Annexation Plat for Antelope Valley and Crestview Estates Annexation
  • November 7th - City Council Meeting - Public Hearing and 1st Reading of Annexation Ordinance.
  • November 21st - City Council Meeting - 2nd Reading of Annexation Ordinance.
  • December 5th - City Council Meeting - 3rd Reading of Annexation Ordinance.
  • December 13th - Publication of adopted Annexation Ordinance.

All meetings will be held in the Gillette City Council Chambers (201 E. 5th St.) at 7:00 p.m.

Maps of Proposed Annexation Area
Determine if you are in the Proposed Area of Annexation
Formal Boundary Map of Proposed Area of Annexation
Annexation Boundary Map with Zoning Classifications
Annexation Plat for Proposed Area of Annexation

Can we keep our current water system?

Do I need to pave my driveway?
No. Existing driveways will not need to be paved. Any new construction will need to follow current city code which requires a paved driveway. 

Will existing buildings need to be brought up to current city code?
No. Existing buildings and structures do not need to be brought up to current city code. Any new construction or remodeling will need to follow current city code. 

Will the City provide electrical service?
No. Powder River Energy Corporation will continue to supply and maintain the power infrastructure in the proposed annexation areas for a minimum of 5 years from the date of annexation.

Below are brochures with information that were mailed to property owners in the annexation area in late 2016/early 2017.
Antelope Valley Annexation Brochure [PDF]
Crestview Estates Annexation Brochure [PDF]

Upon annexation, residents will be covered by the various Building and Zoning Codes and other Ordinances adopted by the City. Legal, non-conforming uses, and structures may remain after annexation. All construction activities, including expansion of existing structures, commenced after annexation will be subject to the City Building Codes and Ordinances in effect at the time of application for a permit. Other Ordinances concerning unlicensed vehicles, junk, tall grass & weeds, and general nuisances will be enforced.

Local subdivision covenants will still be enforced by local HOA's, not by City of Gillette Code Compliance.
Links to Covenants
Antelope Valley I&SD website
Crestview I&SD website
Antelope Valley Business Park
Antelope Valley
Antelope Valley Phase 2
Crestview Estates
Crestview Estates Amendment to Covenants
Crestview Estates Resubdivision Lots 3, 4, 6, 7, Block 10

Additional Documentation
C-1 General Commercial Zoning District
C-P Planned Neighborhood Business District
I-1 Light Industrial Zoning District
R-1 Single Family Residential Zoning District
R-2 Single & Two Family Residential Zoning District
R-4 Multi-Family Residential Zoning District
R-R Rural Residential Zoning District