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Call Before You Dig!
You need to know what’s down there before you dig, and there is help . . .

What’s The Problem?
There are a lot of important things buried in the ground in Wyoming - things people and businesses depend on like electric, telephone, and gas lines; water and sewer lines; pipelines carrying crude oil, petroleum products, and natural gas; and TV cables. They are buried everywhere - in cities and towns, in the country, along roads, and sometimes far away from the beaten path. Even when you inspect the ground carefully, these buried facilities give little or no clue as to their location. Because of this, there might be a nasty surprise waiting for people doing excavations. Whether you are adding a room to your house, building a road, digging a trench, or doing anything else that requires digging, you run the risk of hitting somebody’s buried facility.

What’s The Risk?
When you dig around buried facilities, you may damage them and, at a minimum, cause Cut Pipeinconvenience to people and disruption of important services. Telephone, electric, and natural gas service can be interrupted; and it takes time and money to make emergency repairs. Worse than that, there is the human risk that dig-in accidents can kill people or injure them. This not only happens to those doing the excavation but also to bystanders and nearby property owners and residents. Substantial property damage can result from careless underground activities. Damage to the environment can also be the result.

What Is To Be Done?
The key to solving the problem is knowing what is buried and where it is. The solution is one-call, a program which helps those who dig by identifying and locating underground facilities such as utility pipes, lines, wires, cables, and other equipment. It was created to help prevent damage to these facilities by those who dig holes and trenches, drive fence posts and devices, or otherwise excavate for construction and exploration projects. The goal of one-call is to prevent injury and death and to prevent damage and destruction of property caused by excavation activity.

Why Do We Need One-call?
As a nation, we increasingly prefer that utility and other facilities be buried in the ground to protect them from damage caused by weather and surface use as well as for esthetic reasons. We bury many facilities because it is also cost efficient. More facilities in the ground means that more facilities can be struck and damaged by excavation, drilling holes, or driving things into the ground. Natural gas, propane, crude oil, and refined petroleum may leak from pipelines damaged by careless excavation. These pipeline leaks are serious explosion, fire, and pollution hazards which can injure or kill people and destroy property. Similarly, electrocution can be the result of carelessly digging into underground electric lines. But even if you are lucky enough not to cause injury or death, the damage will probably cause service problems, high repair costs, and upset customers.

What Exactly is One-Call?
Everyone who owns underground facilities in the state is required by Wyoming law to be a member of One-Call of Wyoming. They are required to provide a cost free means for excavators to contact them for locates.

I Am About To Dig
What Should I Do To Prevent Damage To Underground Facilities?

At least two business days before you intend to dig, you should call One-Call of Wyoming and request the location of all underground facilities in the area of the construction or excavation. Be prepared with information about the scheduled time, location, and nature of your planned excavation activity and the name of any contractor involved in the project. The owners of the underground facilities in the area of the proposed excavation or construction activity will then visit the site and mark the location of underground facilities on the surface with color coded paints. Wyoming law requires underground facility owners to respond in two business days and to locate their facilities with marks on the surface. After the locate, you may proceed with the excavation. But remember, if you know there are facilities in the area of your dig, you may need to take special care not to damage underground facilities, and this may sometimes require hand digging as a precaution.

I’m Only Going To Do A Little Gardening
Why Do I Have To Call?

One-call isn’t just for big construction jobs. A man repairing a fencepost in his garden severed his telephone line; but he didn’t call for a locate. Guess who paid to repair the telephone line?

Ok, But How Much Does it Cost to Get a Locate?
It is free. The calls are toll-free, and the locates are also free. They are too important not to be. Besides, they save so much in lives, property, and uninterrupted utility and other service that it is more than worth it to the owners of the facilities.

What Could Happen if I Don’t Call in a Location Request?
Plenty. State law requires you to contact the one-call service provider to request the location of underground facilities in the area of your excavation before you dig. If you don’t call for a location and your excavation damages an underground facility, under the Wyoming Underground Facilities Notification Act, you would “. . . be liable for all damages, including personal injury and property damages, caused by the excavation.” You could also be fined up to $5,000.

The main point is that call-before-you-dig is the right thing to do, and it can save lives, property, and time.

I Want To Excavate
How Do I Obtain Locates Of Underground Facilities?

Call the following number:

One-Call Of Wyoming

811 or (800) 849-2476

Can I Get More Information?

Yes. You can get more information by calling any Wyoming utility or by calling the Public Service Commission. The Commission has information about one-call and persons who can answer your questions about one-call. We also have stickers and brochures on the subject to help you publicize one-call and help others to understand the subject better. You can reach us at (307) 777-7427 (voice), (307) 777-5700 (fax) or in writing at 2515 Warren Avenue, Suite 300, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002. Communications impaired persons may also contact the Commission by accessing Wyoming Relay at (800) 877-9965. In Wheatland, you can reach One-Call of Wyoming at (888) 534-5800 or fax them at (307) 322-1687.

The Time, the Property, and the Life You Save May Be Yours!

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811 or (800) 849-2476