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Sculpture Details Sculpture Details
 Abe Lincoln

Abe Lincoln ~ Gary Lee Price


Be My Guide Be My Guide ~ Lane Golliher
Chief's Daughter Chief's Daughter ~ Bobbie K. Carlyle F. Indomitable Spirit

Indomitable Spirit ~ Jerry McKellar

mobius Mobius ~ Richard Ferguson Ram Bust

Bighorn Ram Bust ~ David H. Turner

Raptoroung Raptoround: Standing Proud ~ Chuck Weaver Sacred Smoke

 Sacred Smoke ~ Don Coy


Sarge ~ Phil Bascom


Silent Sultan

Silent Sultan ~ Fred Boyer

The Point The Point ~ Lane Golliher     UWS

United We Stand ~ Ben Foster


Wild Flower Wild Flower ~ JB King, Mark
Wigner & Bob Kelley

Wyoming Proud

Wyoming Proud ~ Tom Ford


Zodiac Totem Zodiac Totem 4 ~ Pokey Park

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