The City of Gillette is a Home Rule City operating under the statutes of the State of Wyoming and Municipal Codes. The organizational structure for the City can be characterized as a Mayor/Council/Administrator form of local government which vests authority in an elected City Council, which, in turn, hires an appointed executive. The City Council is composed of six members elected from the three wards of the City on a nonpartisan basis to serve overlapping four-year terms. The Mayor is elected at-large to serve a four-year term as presiding officer at City Council meetings and as the official head of the City for legislative and ceremonial purposes. The City Administrator is appointed by the City Council and serves at the pleasure of that body.

The City Council is the City’s legislative and policy-making body. Acting as a whole, the City Council is responsible for passing ordinances and orders necessary for governing the City, as well as for setting the direction of City policy. The City Administrator is responsible for the overall administration of the City. This responsibility includes implementation of the general policies set by the City Council in addition to day-to-day oversight of all City operations. The City Administrator, with the help of City staff, provides the City Council with the information needed to fulfill its policy-making role.

The Mayor/Council/Administrator form of government separates legislative and executive responsibilities in a manner similar to both state and federal governments. This system provides “checks and balances” of both policy and administrative branches of government by limiting the power of each.
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