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Mayor Murphy encourages residents to support energy industries after 2012 election
Buy American ~ Support Energy Industries
Posted Date: 11/7/2012

After yesterday's election, Mayor Tom Murphy encourages local residents to support local energy industries.

"Obviously, the presidential race did not turn out the way that I and many Wyoming voters would have liked it to, but we need get past that," Murphy said, and added, "Instead of sticking our head in the sand when our candidate doesn’t win, let’s start thinking that once someone is elected to public office, there is not an R or a D, or any other letter by their name.  And that once elected, they represent, and work for, all of us – not just their party or just those who voted for them."

Mayor Murphy has been working with local legislators and industry leaders to produce a video in support of coal (VIDEO), and that combined with the recent visit from the Chinese delegation, has encouraged the Mayor.

"A few months ago, Gillette and Campbell County hosted Governor Mead and several other elected officials, and I distinctly recall hearing Governor Mead say that he would rather have China buying our coal then buying our bonds. That’s a great point. Selling coal to Asia is a great idea, and we need to make that happen. Representatives from our coal industries are working diligently to establish ports in the northwest to ship coal to Asia – when they need our support, let’s make sure they have it," stated Murphy.

In addition, Mayor Murphy encourages the public to:

Buy American
Make sure to buy only products that are made and manufactured in America. If a store does not have American made products, politely tell them they need to have those products or you will take your hard-earned shopping dollars elsewhere and you will ask all of your friends to do the same. "Buying American" benefits us in two ways: it will help kick-start the American manufacturing industry and create thousands of jobs. Our manufacturing businesses also need electricity, and it goes without saying that Wyoming can generate America’s Energy with Powder River Basin Coal and natural gas. Obviously, this will benefit other energy-producing states as well, so spread the word: Buy American. There are several big chain stores that used to brag about their American made products, but that may or may not be the case anymore.   The Mayors adds, "Yes, it may cost a little more, but think of it as an investment in our country. Money talks – make your local stores listen."

Promote our Energy Industries
State Senator Michael Von Flatern is working on legislation to help promote Wyoming’s natural resources to the rest of the country. When the time is right, the Mayor will be calling on the public to contact State Legislators and tell them to support this legislation, which will assist communities in promoting their industries.  In the meantime, the Mayor asks that you do everything you can do to support the energy industry, particularly our coal industries. Next summer, if you have friends or family in town, arrange a coal mine tour through the Campbell County Convention & Visitors Bureau. Show them the reclamation efforts at the mines.  Talk about the clean coal plants like Dry Fork Station.  Most importantly, tell everyone that there are a lot of misperceptions about coal and they need to know the facts. 
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Stop the Mudslinging
"I have had enough of pundits, politicians and citizens who spend their time calling each other names and wasting everyone’s time with nonsense.  It’s time to set aside our differences and make this country great again. When I was growing up in Gillette, if you made disparaging remarks about the President, you’d be in serious trouble. Now anyone can spout off and say some of the most outrageous, non-factual things, and it’s okay. Where does that get us? That attitude is not going to bring anyone to the negotiating table. This is about teamwork. This is about our future. This is about our country. Coal - America’s energy - can put thousands of people back to work – let’s make that happen."