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For Immediate Release - "Prepare to Stop when Flashing" Signs on Southern Drive to be inactive
Flashing lights will be inactive for three weeks beginning Monday, November 19th
Posted Date: 11/16/2012

The City of Gillette's Engineering Division announced today that the "Prepare to Stop when Flashing" signs located on Southern Drive to the east and west of the Enzi Drive/Southern Drive intersection will be inactive for approximately three weeks beginning Monday, November 19th.

Drivers who use Enzi Drive to access Southern Drive should also be attentive and make sure that vehicles traveling on Southern Drive are able to stop at the intersection's traffic signal before turning onto Southern Drive.

"The purpose of these signs is to give drivers traveling on Southern Drive advance warning of the traffic signal (and pending redlights) at the Enzi Drive/Southern Drive intersection," said Public Information Officer Joe Lunne.  Lunne added, "these signs help vehicles, particularly large, heavy vehicles that need extra time and distance to stop."

Prepare to Stop signs

The signs need to be temporarily moved and inactive in order for the installation of the Madison Pipeline Project along Southern Drive. 

For more information contact Public Information Officer Joe Lunne at (307) 686-5393