2nd Floor, City Hall
201 E 5th St.
PO Box 3003
Gillette, WY 82717
Phone (307) 686-5364
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 The GIS staff provides support for the City of Gillette's mapping needs. The division gathers information using a variety of sources and makes that information available to our customers. In addition to a wide range of mapping products, the division maintains a GPS (Global Positioning System) base station, the vertical and horizontal control networks, addressing and coordinates the aerial photography program.

  • Discover Gillette Interactive City Map
  • City of Gillette, WY Pathways KML  KML File
    [In order to view this file you need to have Google Earth already installed on your machine. If you need to download Google Earth please go here.]
  • Campbell County Addressing Standards [PDF]
  • Track City of Gillette snowplows with the City's of Gillette's AVL system. Just click here!

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