Penny Power Sign

When you see this sign it means your tax dollars are at work.  The money generated by the 1% sales tax is used by the City of Gillette, Campbell County and the Town of Wright.  The public votes on the 1% sales tax every fours years and several months prior to the election, the Campbell County Chamber of Commerce distributes a survey that asks the public to determine the projects the public have set as priorities.

The City of Gillette uses its share of the 1% sales tax for the capital construction of roads, water and sewer lines and electrical services, as well as infrastructure, such as drainage improvements and the waste water treatment facility. 
Campbell County utilizes the 1% sales tax for youth and senior citizen programs, county roads, emergency & safety equipment and social service agencies.  The Town of Wright uses its share of the 1% sales tax for capital construction, infrastructure and operations.

2014/15 1% Projects

General Drainage Improvements

New Sidewalk Installation - Annual Program

Sidewalk Repairs - Annual Program

Pathway Repairs - Annual Program

2014 Water Main Replacement Program

Madison Pipeline Rehabilitation - Phase III - Deep Ground Anodes

Pavement Management Schedule

Alley Pavement Management

Pavement Rehabilitation - Large Patches

Parking Lot Rehabilitation

Stormwater Master Plan - Land Acquisition for Regional Detention

Beautification Projects along Major Streets

Spring Cleanup

Outdoor Pool System Expansion

Irrigation Improvements

Park Improvements

3rd Street Plaza

Westover Road Improvements (Skyline Drive to Burma Avenue)

Transportation Study & Master Plan Update

Boxelder Road Extension - Skyline Drive to Overdale Road

Boxelder Road Extension - Burma Avenue to Skyline Drive

Quiet Zones - Potter Avenue

Gurley Overpass Repairs

Water Tank Rehab (Z1-R4 Southern Drive Tank)

2014 Sanitary Sewer Main Replacement

Wastewater Treatment Facility - Drainage Replacement Project

Wastewater Treatment Facility - Aeration Basin

2013/14 1% Projects * presently updating project lists
2013 Sanitary Sewer Main Replacement

Wastewater Treatment Facility Clarifier Painting

Westover Road Water Main Transmission Replacement

2013 Water Main Replacement

Gillette Avenue Reconstruction

Park Irrigation Improvements

Park Improvements

D.A.R.E. Officer Vehicle

2014/15 1% Projects

Remember: when you see a penny power sign, your tax dollars are at work.

Last updated: 8/20/2014 2:15:15 PM