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Hydrant Flushing Program to Begin

Flushing improves water quality and tests fire hydrants for fire protection

Post Date:05/07/2019 9:30 AM

The City of Gillette Water Division has begun their Hydrant Flushing program.


Why does the Water Division flush hydrants? 
•Hydrant flushing is used to improve water quality and flow rates. 
•Hydrant flushing is preventative maintenance for the water distribution system. Releasing water at high velocities from hydrants scours and scrubs water mains. This dislodges films, removes sediments and deposits, and helps control corrosion. 
•While flushing the hydrants, crews will also test flow rates and work the valves on hydrants. This tests the hydrants to make sure they are ready to protect our community from fire. 
•Results from these tests will be used to mark hydrants so firefighters can quickly assess flow capabilities. 
•The results are also used by the Insurance Service Office to rate Gillette’s fire suppression abilities. Better ratings result in lower commercial and residential insurance premiums.

For more information contact the Water Division at (307) 686-5276 or visit the Water Division webpage.

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