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Water From Gillette's New Madison Wells is Now Available!

Post Date:06/26/2019 9:00 AM
The City of Gillette is pleased to announce that Madison Well M11 is available to provide additional water, in excess of 2 million gallons per day, as summer irrigation demands increase.  The City has been using the new pipeline and other pumping and treatment facilities for the past several years.  Additional water from Well M11 is a welcome relief as Friday's temperatures are expected to exceed 90 degrees.  The City's current wellfield capacity is approximately 13 million gallons per day.  The additional 2 million gallons per day from Madison Well M11 will increase this capacity to 15 million gallons per day.  Upon completion of the City's other Madison wells during the next year, the City's capacity will exceed 23 million gallons per day.  The City's peak water day has yet to exceed 6 million gallons per day in 2019 due to a wet spring and early summer.  Last year's peak day was 9.3 million gallons per day on June 14, 2018.
"This is a momentous occasion," said Mayor Louise Carter-King. "To finally have water available from the new well is amazing. I would like to thank all of the state legislators, as well as members of the Gillette City Council that helped to bring this project to fruition. I would especially like to thank the City staff that oversaw the project from the initial design to where we are today."
The need for an additional water supply was realized in 2005 when water demand in Gillette exceeded the system's ability to produce. That began the multi-year process to find a new water source and find a way to fund it. Eventually, the Madison formation in Crook County was chosen near where the City had existing wells. A parallel pipeline would also be needed to bring the additional capacity the 50 miles to serve Gillette customers. 

Officials with the State of Wyoming decided that in order for a project of this magnitude to move forward, it needed to serve a wider customer base. So along with additional wells and another pipeline, the Gillette Regional Water Supply Project was born. To date, water service agreements have been signed with over 25 water districts around Gillette.
The total project budget for the Gillette Madison Pipeline Project is $217.6 million. Of this amount, $144 million is funded by State Grants and $44 million through a Permanent Mineral Trust Fund (PMTF) Loan, both of which are being administered by the Wyoming Water Development Commission. During a May 3, 2011 Special Election, Campbell County Voters approved $75 million from future revenues received through a Specific Purpose Excise Tax (Capital Facilities Tax) to pay-back the PMTF Loan and pay for other improvements not covered by the State grant. $15 million also went to the Town of Wright and the Wright Water & Sewer District for improvements to their water systems.
"I would like to thank the voters of Campbell County for their willingness to assess themselves an extra 1% tax to fund our 1/3 of the project funding," Mayor Carter-King said. "Due to local support, the tax sunset in April of 2015; 20 months earlier than anticipated."
While currently there is only one well online, there are 4 other wells that are near completion. Each well will be able to produce 2.0 million gallons per day. Additional wells can be added to keep up with demand, eventually accommodating a regional population of 55,000.
Mayor Carter-King added, "While having access to more water is a good thing, we do ask that our residents continue to respect our water as the precious resource that it is. Using our water wisely today will ensure that it will be there for us tomorrow."


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