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The Public Information Division is comprised of the City's Communications Manager, who is responsible for press releases and communication with the public, and Gillette Public Access Television.

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G-21: Rewriting the City of Gillette Zoning Code

Bringing the Zoning Code Into the 21st Century

Post Date:08/13/2019 12:00 PM

The City of Gillette Planning and GIS Division is engaged in a rewrite of the City of Gillette Zoning Code.  This effort began with a recognition of the dated code and the need to bring the code into the 21st Century.

The primary reasons for updating the Zoning Code are as follows:

  • The current code was originally adopted in 1979.  Good planning practice suggests a review and update of the code every 7-10 years.  Since 1979 we have had 89 amendments to the Zoning Code.
  • The lack of consistent language in the code makes the review process challenging.
  • The existing code does not function in an era of technology that can provide fast and consistent answers.
  • To determine areas of consistency and inconsistency between the existing city policies and practices, the adopted plans,  and the existing ordinance language.
  • To make modifications necessary to update the development review process.
  • To make necessary changes related to new statutory and/or case law.
  • To address items which, over time, have not been utilized by the public.
  • To review all areas of the code and address any deficiencies.
  • To provide new opportunities for housing and growth.
  • To simplify some of the dated code for ease of use.
  • To create user friendly layout.
  • To digitize the code.

The City is on a mission to provide a high end, user-friendly, easy to understand zoning code experience for citizens, developers, consultants, real estate agents, bankers, and appraisers. Anyone with interest in constructing buildings large or small, adding to your home, building fences, sheds, opening a day care, opening a home occupation, developing raw land, landscaping a commercial property, or constructing a cell phone tower, will find the Zoning Code provides direction for navigating the development process.

The City of Gillette Planning Division is seeking your input in updating a code that is 40 years old. The framework of the existing code has provided the City with a model of reasonable growth and expansion as we have experienced the booms and busts. It is not the intent of the City Planning Division to dispose of the existing code and create a new document in its entirety but to utilize the existing code, provide updates to outdated sections, and enhance the code with new opportunities for growth and development.

Visit the G-21: Zoning Code Rewrite page for more information and to participate in the process.

Contact the City Planning Division at (307) 686-5281 with questions. 

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