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General Questions

Q. When and where does the City Council meet?

A. Regular meetings of the City Council are held the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at City Hall (201 E. Fifth Street).

Q. Who represents me on the City Council?

A. The city is divided into three (3) wards, with two representatives from each ward. The City Council page includes a map showing the wards, as well as information about each Council Member.

Q. How do I contact my Council Member?

A. Call (307) 686-5203, or send an e-mail to admn@gillettewy.gov  

Q. Who are the officials, administrators, directors, managers, or supervisors for the City of Gillette?

A. You will find that information in this Directory.

Q. What do I do if the City damaged my property?

A. Call Administrative Services at (307) 686-5203. You may download a claim form, fill it out, and take it to the Finance office on the 3rd floor of City Hall.

Q. Can the City Attorney give me legal advice?

A. No. The City Attorney's Office is not a public information resource for civil issues. Log onto WyomingLawHelp.org or call (888) 737-5266 for a free legal information organization.

Q. Are the City Council meetings broadcast on television?

A. Yes. Gillette Public Access TV airs the City Council meetings live on channel 192. You may also watch previously recorded City Council meetings online, but you must have a high-speed connection to your computer.

Q. What are all the statues all over town?

A. The artwork is sponsored by the Mayor's Art Council.

Q. What is the population of Gillette?

A. That information is included in our Developing Gillette Report [PDF].

Q. Do I need a building permit to build a fence/deck/addition, install a sprinkler system, or shingle my roof?

A. Call Building Inspection at (307) 686-5260, or visit them on the second floor of City Hall at 201 E. Fifth Street.

Q. When does my garbage get picked up?

A. That information is available on this map.

Q. Where does my garbage go after the City picks it up?

A. All solid waste is disposed of at the Campbell County Landfill. The City pays the County for this service.

Q. What can I put in my dumpster?

A. This is covered by City Code Chapter 9 [PDF]. Your household garbage, trash, solid waste must be securely bagged before being placed in the dumpster. Some prohibited items include hazardous materials, hot ashes, cinders, smoldering coal, greasy or oily substances that may ignite spontaneously, refuse resulting from building construction, heavy appliances, automobile parts, waste material weighing more than 60 pounds or longer than 6 feet in length. Please check the City Code, or call the Solid Waste Division at (307) 686-5279 for more information.

Q. What do I do if my sewer backs up?

A. If your sewer backs up, call the Wastewater Treatment Plant at (307) 686-5274 between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. After hours and on weekends and holidays, call the Gillette Police Department at (307) 682-5155, and the "on-call" employee will respond. Wastewater staff will check the City sewer main to determine if the City's main is the cause of the backup. If the Wastewater staff determine that the City sewer main is not causing the backup, you should call a plumber or sewer drain cleaning company to remove the blockage in your service line.

Q. How do I get utilities services when I move?

A. Call Customer Service at (307) 686-5206 to start utilities service.

Q. Do I have to pay a deposit for City utilities service?

A. A deposit of $200 is required, however it is waived upon satisfactory length of previous service with the City, or with a Letter of Credit.

Q. What are the City's utilities rates (water, electricity, trash, and sewer)?

A. Download the Utilities Rate Schedule [PDF], or you may call Customer Service at (307) 686-5206.

Q. Who do I call if I have a question about my bill?

A. Please call Customer Service at (307) 686-5206 with questions about your bill.

Q. Who do I call if my electricity goes off?

A. Please call Electrical Services at (307) 686-5277 between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday. After hours, please call the Gillette Police Department at (307) 682-5155.

Q. Who do I call about animal problems, such as a barking dog or a dog/cat running loose?

A. Call Animal Control at (307) 686-5249.
AFTER HOURS: If you live inside the city limits, call the Gillette Police Dept. at (307) 682-5155.
If you live outside the city limits, call the Campbell Co. Sheriff's office at (307) 682-7271.

Q. Does my dog/cat need a City license?

A. All cats and dogs over 3 months old must be licensed. You may purchase a license at the Animal Shelter at 950 W. Warlow Drive.

Q. Are there any pets available for adoption?

A. Please call the City/County Animal Shelter at (307) 686-5249, or visit the shelter at 950 W. Warlow Drive to find out about animals available for adoption.

Q. How do I report a pothole?

A. Call the Streets Division at (307) 686-5278, or send an e-mail with the location of the pothole.

Q. My street light is out - how do I get it fixed?

A. You may call the Streets Division at (307) 686-5278, or send an e-mail with the location.

Q. Are there any job openings with the City of Gillette?

A. Check the Human Resources page or call (307) 686-5222 for further information.

Q. What do I have to do to get a job at the City of Gillette?

A. You may apply only for advertised job openings for which you are qualified; the City only accepts applications when there is an opening. You may download the job application form [PDF], request one by e-mail, or visit Human Resources on the first floor of City Hall.

Q. Can I, or my organization, adopt a street?

A. Please call the Sustainability Division at (307) 686-5228 or clock here.

Q. Can I plant/trim/cut down a tree in my front yard next to the street?

A. Trees in the public right-of-way are covered by City Code Chapter 18 Section §18-14, Regulation of Trees in Public Ways [PDF]. A permit [PDF] may be required. If you have any questions, please call the City Arborist at (307) 686-5275.

Q. Can I reserve a City park?

A. Yes. You may reserve a City park online, call the Parks Division at (307) 686-5275, or visit our City West facility at 611 N. Exchange Avenue and complete a reservation form.

Q. How do I find out what streets are closed, and how long they will be closed?

A. You can find that information on our street closures page, or by calling the Engineering Department at (307) 686-5265.

Q. Where can I buy concert tickets?

A. The City of Gillette does not sell concert tickets, however, please call Cam-Plex at (307) 682-8802.

Q. When can I see last night's Camel football game on TV?

A. Check the Gillette Public Access Channel 189 Schedule  for the delayed-broadcast time.

Q. Can someone check my house while I'm on vacation?

A. Yes. Please call the Gillette Police Department at (307) 682-5155.

Q. Is there help for victims of crime?

A. Yes. The Victim Services program can provide assistance to victims of
crime. You can visit their webpage describing the program, or you can
call Victim Services at (307) 686-5252.

Q. What is the local Crime Stoppers' phone number?

A. Gillette Crime Stoppers' phone number is (307) 686-0400.

Q. How much crime is there in Gillette?

A. You may view the Police Department's Annual Report [PDF], or you may call the Police Department Administration office at (307) 686-5232.

Q. Where do I pay my traffic ticket?

A. Pay traffic tickets at the City Court Clerk's office on the first floor of City Hall.

Q. Do I need a license to sell produce or other products in the city?

A. You must have an Itinerant Merchant Permit [PDF] to conduct transient business operations, including selling produce, or to sell door-to-door. If you have questions, please call the City Clerk's office at (307) 686-5210.

Q. Who do I call to get information about selling a product to the City?

A. Please call the Purchasing Division at (307) 686-5263.

Q. Are plumbers and electricians required to have a City license?

A. Please call Building Inspection at (307) 686-5260, or visit the Building Inspection page for information.

Q. Who do I call about a neighbor's yard with tall weeds?

A. You may may find that information on our Code Compliance page, or call the Code Compliance division at (307) 686-5309.

Q. Can I park my junk car in front of my house or in my driveway?

A. Non-operable, non-licensed vehicles must be stored in an enclosed building or properly zoned area, according to Chapter 13 [PDF] of the City Code.

Q. Can I operate a business from my home?

A. You may download information about Home Occupations [PDF], or you may call Code Compliance at (307) 686-5309 for more information.

Q. Where do I find out about City Codes or Ordinances?

A. City Codes are available for download on our web site.

Q. How much are my property taxes?

A. Property taxes are assessed by Campbell County. Please call the Campbell County Assessors office at (307) 682-7266.

Q. Where do I find out about property zoning?

A. Please call the Planning Department at (307) 686-5281.

Q. How can I contact the City after-hours?

A. You will find that information on our after-hours contact information page.

Q. Can my organization put a flyer in the City utility bills?

A. You may download our policy [PDF], or you may call Central Services at (307) 686-5289 for further information.

Spring/Summer Topics

Q. Can I adopt a planter?

A. The Adopt-a-Planter program is run by the Parks Division beginning in April of each year. You may call the Volunteer Coordinator at (307) 686-5275, or you may find more information on the Adopt-a-Planter page.

Q. Is there a City swimming pool?

A. Yes, the City's pool is located at 909 S. Gillette Avenue, next to the City Park. The pool's phone number is (307) 682-1962.

Q. What does it cost to go to the City Swimming Pool?

A. There is no charge to use the City Swimming Pool.

Q. Where is the nearest park, and what kind of facilities does it have?

A. You can find that information on the City Parks page, or by calling the Parks Division at (307) 686-5275.

Q. What if there is a problem with a sprinkler at a City park?

A. Please let us know if you see a malfunctioning sprinkler at a City park by calling the Parks Division at (307) 686-5275, or by sending us an e-mailwith the location of the sprinkler.

Q. When is the City Annual Spring Cleanup?

A. The Spring Cleanup is usually begins late in April and is advertised in the newspaper, on the radio, and on our web site, including the schedule and the guidelines, or you may call the Streets Division at (307) 686-5278.

Q. What can I put out for the Spring Cleanup?

A. You can find that information on our guidelines page, or you may call the Streets Division at (307) 686-5278.

Q. When is the City auction?

A. The auction is usually in the late summer, and is advertised in the newspaper, on the radio, and here on our web site.

Fall/Winter Topics

Q. When will the snow on my street get plowed?

A. You may call the Streets Division at (307) 686-5278, or you may find that information on this Snow and Ice Control page.

Q. How does the City decide which streets to plow first?

A. The City's snow removal policy has established the plowing priority [PDF].

Q. Do I have to shovel my sidewalk?

A. Yes. The City has an ordinance (Section 18-17) requiring owners or occupants of all real estate in the city to remove snow from the sidewalks adjoining the property within 24 hours after the snowfall ends. This ordinance also allows the snow from sidewalks to be deposited in the street but prohibits placing snow removed from other privately owned lands, including driveways or parking lots, to be placed in the street.

Q. What is that stuff the City plows are putting on the streets?

A. The City uses a variety of products to help melt snow and ice on the streets during and after snow storms. The Ice-Slicer Brochure [PDF] will answer questions you may, or you may call the Streets Division at (307) 686-5278.

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