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Holiday Lighting Contest

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Rules & Process

Annual Holiday Lighting Contest Information

- The contest is only eligible to houses/addresses inside Gillette City Limits. 
- You must be 18-years-old or older to participate. 
- You must be nominated to have your house judged - you can nominate yourself, a friend, or a neighbor. 

Here's how the contest works: 

Turn in a nomination form by Tuesday, December 10th. Printed applications can be found in the News Record (fill it out and send it to the News Record or drop it in the basket in the Customer Service office at City Hall) 
OR you can nominate electronically by filling out the Online Lighting Contest Entry.

OR you can send an email to holidaylightingcontest@gillettewy.gov and include: 

Phone number 
Email address 

On Wednesday, December 11th, judges from the Campbell County Senior Center will judge all the houses that have been nominated and will select their three Judges Choice winners. (1st place receives $300, 2nd place - $200, 3rd place - $100) The Judges Choice Winners will be announced via a press release on Sunday, December 22nd. 

The judges will also select the top ten houses that will be judged for the People's Choice Awards. On Sunday, December 15th, the News Record will run an article with pictures of the top ten houses. The News Record and City of Gillette will also post photo albums of the top ten homes on their respective Facebook pages (these are the ten homes the judges selected). 

You can vote by liking the photos in the Facebook photo albums on the News Record page and on the City of Gillette's page. These photos will be posted on Facebook on Sunday, December 15th. 

The 'likes' for each home/address on the News Record Facebook photo album and the City's Facebook photo album will be added up, along with hard copy ballots that can be cut out of the News Record and turned into the News Record offices. You must use an official ballot if submitting a hard copy. 

The deadline for voting (both on Facebook and via hard ballot) is Wednesday, December 18th at 9 a.m. 

At that time, the total number of likes that each house/address has will be counted as votes. The votes from both the News Record Photo album and the City of Gillette photo album will be added up, and added to any hard copy ballots that the News Record has received. 

You can vote/like for a house in each photo album (both on the News Record Facebook page and the City's Facebook page), and you can vote for as many houses from the top ten as you would like. 

The homes/address with the top three total votes are the People's Choice winners. (1st place receives $300, 2nd place - $200, 3rd place - $100) 

Gift cards will be available in the City Administration office for winners on December 26th. 

Many thanks to the Senior Center for organizing the judging and to the News Record for co-sponsoring the Holiday Lighting contest. 

By participating, each entrant grants Sponsor permission to use his/her name, likeness or comments for publicity purposes without payment of additional consideration, except where prohibited by law. 

City of Gillette (Government) 
201 E. 5th St.
Gillette WY 82716

Any questions regarding the 2019 Holiday Lighting Contest should be directed to Communications Manager Geno Palazzari at holidaylightingcontest@gillettewy.gov