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Snow Emergency Declaration & Levels

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City Code & Snow Procedures

 SNOW EMERGENCY DECLARATION (Section 11-10 of the Gillette City Code)

Declarations of the Administrator
The Administrator shall publicly announce each Snow Emergency by means of notification to every radio station, newspaper, and other public media as appropriate in the City as soon as possible. Each announcement shall describe the action taken by the Administrator in such detail as shall be possible. The Administrator shall make or cause to be made a record of each time and date when any declaration is announced to the public in accordance with this section. The Snow Emergency declaration may include such emergency measures and restrictions as are reasonably necessary to protect the public during the Snow Emergency including but not limited to the closing of streets to vehicular traffic and forbidding non emergency driving. 

Termination of Snow Emergency by the Administrator
Whenever the Administrator shall find that the conditions which give rise to a Snow Emergency pursuant to this Ordinance no longer exist, he may declare the Snow Emergency terminated by notifying the same media utilized to inform the public of the emergency.


Level I Snow Emergency
Related directly to the removal of vehicles from snow emergency routes.

Requires the removal of vehicles from all snow emergency routes, places no restrictions on travel and maintains all City facilities in an open status.  Provides for the ticketing and, if necessary, the towing of vehicles from emergency snow routes.

Level II Snow Emergency
Related directly to a release of non-essential City personnel; DOES NOT result in closure of City facilities.

Re-emphasizes the need to remove vehicles from all snow emergency routes, discourages unnecessary travel and releases non-essential City employees.  Provides for the ticketing and, if necessary, the towing of vehicles from emergency snow routes. (see below)

Level III Snow Emergency
Related directly to the prohibition of non-emergency travel and the closure of City facilities.

Provides for the ticketing, and if necessary, the towing of vehicles from emergency snow routes, prohibits non-emergency travel (authorizes the issuance of tickets to violators if necessary), activates the emergency operations center and requires coordination with emergency services.

Local businesses are encouraged to close their facilities, limit their operations to essential employees and/or release their employees from work obligations.

SNOW ROUTES (City Code Ord. 3746, 1-3-2012)

No Parking on Snow Routes
Whenever there is an accumulation of four inches of snow or forecast to fall in the immediate future on the basis of a forecast by the U. S. Weather Bureau or other weather service, which weather conditions will make it necessary that motor vehicle traffic be expedited and that parking on City streets be prohibited for snow plowing and other purposes, a parking prohibition on the Snow Route shall be in effect and no person shall park or allow to remain parked any vehicle on any portion of a Snow Emergency Route. When a parking prohibition goes into effect, the City shall request local radio, TV or cable stations to broadcast announcements that all vehicles should be moved off of the snow route within 4 hours.

Signs to Mark Snow Routes
On each street designated by the Ordinance as a Snow Route, special signs shall be posted with the wording “Emergency Snow Route. No Parking if over 4 inches.” These signs shall be distinctive and uniform in appearance and shall be plainly readable to persons traveling on the street and highway.

Snow Routes Designated
The following streets or portions of streets within the city are hereby designated as Snow Routes:

1) 6th Street from Burma Avenue to Gillette Avenue.
2) 4th Street from 4-J Road to Gurley Avenue.
3) Gurley Avenue from 12th Street to 4th Street.
4) 4-J Road from 2nd Street to 8th Street.
5) Brooks - 2nd Street to Warlow.
6) 9th - Butler Spaeth to U. S. 59.
7) Foothills Blvd. - U.S. 14-16 to Echeta Road.
8) 7th Street - U.S. 59 to 4-J Road.

Snow Emergency Routes [PDF]

Parking after Snow removal
Once in effect, a prohibition under this section shall remain in effect until the Snow Route has been plowed and the snow is no longer accumulating. While the prohibition is in effect, no person shall park or allow to remain parked any vehicle on any portion of a Snow Route to which it applies. However, nothing in this section shall be construed to permit parking at any time or place where it is forbidden by any other provision by law.
Notification of Owners
Whenever a snowfall occurs and the parking prohibition of this section occurs, the police, whenever practicable, shall attempt to telephone the owners of vehicles parked on Snow Routes when their identity can be determined, to direct them to relocate their vehicles prior to their removal.

Click here for a copy of the City of Gillette's Snow Emergency Levels [PDF]