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Why Hire a Licensed Contractor

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Why Hire a Licensed Contractor


A successful building or remodeling project requires careful planning and attention to detail.  Below are the top five mistakes made in a construction project:

1. Automatically accepting the lowest bid.  The old saying “you get what you pay for” generally applies here.  A higher bid may be worth the price in better materials, workmanship and reliability.

2. No written contract.  A written contract protects you and the contractor, it is recommended that all agreements, including all changes to the contract, be in writing.

3. Not checking the contractor’s license.  It is a City of Gillette Ordinance (law) that contractors are licensed to conduct work in the city limits.  A license is required for any contractor that constructs, alters (paints, wall-papers, trim carpentry, reroofs, sides, insulates, etc.) moves, enlarges, replaces equipment, or performs a demolition on any building, structure, or any accessories connected or attached to such buildings or structures.

4. Not checking references.  Check with contractor’s previous customers.  Were they satisfied with the work?  Was the work finished within a reasonable time frame?  Did the contractor return phone calls?  If the person had problems with the contractor, ask how the contractor responded to complaints.  Look at examples of the contractor’s work.

5. Not doing the homework.  Plan your project carefully.  Consider your budget.  Find pictures of styles and products, write down brand names and models.  Show them to your contractor.  “High quality faucets” or “ivory paint” may mean something different to you and your contractor.  Walk with your builder through a finished project and explain what you like and don’t like.  Get accurate plans or blueprints .




If you hire an Unlicensed Contractor, following are just a few problems you are likely to encounter:

· STOP WORK ORDER posted on your job.

· Work that was done is likely to be substandard and will have to be redone.

· You will need to hire a Licensed Contractor to permit and complete your work.

· Financial Institutions and Insurance Companies will often require copies of building permits prior to providing financing for home loans or insurance coverage.

Tips for Hiring a Licensed Contractor