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Tips for Hiring a Licensed Contractor

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The City of Gillette has adopted the 2015 International Code Council (ICC) Code Family and the 2014 National Electric Code (NEC)


 When shopping for a contractor, avoid hiring any contractor who:

· Arrives in an unmarked truck or van

· Asks you to sign an estimate or authorization before you have decided to actually hire them

· Appears to be willing to do the job at an unusually low price

· Only provides a post office box for their business address

· Requires full or substantial payment before work begins

· Refuses to provide you with a written estimate or contract

· Unable to provide you with a City of Gillette contractor license number.

· Refuses to provide you with references

· Shows up at your door unsolicited

· Uses high pressure sales tactics

· Does not provide a business card with a physical address, mailing  address, contact person’s name and phone number.


Before signing a contract, read the contract, confirming it includes the following:

· A detailed summary of the work to be done

· A description of materials

· A provision that a written agreement will be signed by both parties should changes by either party be made to the original plan

· The total contract price or how the price will be calculated

· Specific timelines and provisions that address what will happen if the contractor fails to meet the contractual deadlines.

Documents that you should obtain and retain:

· A copy of the signed contract

· A copy of the building permit

· Your contractor’s certificate of liability insurance. Have your contractor contact his insurance agent to have the certificate mailed to you with your name shown as the certificate holder.

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