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Code Compliance Division

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2nd Floor, City Hall
201 E 5th St.
Gillette, WY 82716 
Phone (307) 686-5309
Fax (307) 686-9384
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Did you know the City of Gillette has a Code Compliance Division which handles issues such as tall grass and weeds on private property? The Code Compliance Division operates year round and addresses unlicensed/inoperable, wrecked or junked motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts; appliances; tires and buckets; and garbage and debris. Additionally, the Code Compliance Division is responsible for issuing Daycare Zoning Approval, Home Occupation Permits, and Temporary Sign Permits.  See Chapter 13 [PDF] of the City Code for additional information.

The City of Gillette continually strives to make the City a great place to live and the Code Compliance Division plays an integral part in keeping with the City’s beautification plan. However, citizen involvement and cooperation is necessary for the program to be successful. If you wish to file a complaint or have any questions, please call the Code Compliance Office at (307) 686-5309.


You can help do your part to keep the City of Gillette looking beautiful by maintaining your property in a clean and organized manner. This may include picking up and properly disposing of blowing and/or accumulated litter, downed tree branches, discarded motor vehicles parts, etc.

Because we constantly look at our property, we may not always see the need to tidy things up. Please, take a few extra minutes and try to inspect your property with new eyes.


The City of Gillette is always looking for people who are interested in abating nuisance properties within the City limits. A minimum of a Class C license is required through the Building Division. The type of work may include mowing of tall grass, weeding, debris and rubbish removal, etc. The jobs are awarded through a bid process, and the contractor is required to have his/her own equipment. If you are interested, please contact the Code Compliance Office at 686-5309 for more information.