Temporary Signs

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If you are interested in placing Temporary Signs around town to advertise an event or a business, you will need to first obtain a Temporary Sign Permit.  There is no fee associated with the permit, but the location(s) must be approved prior to the placement of the sign(s).  Signs are to be located on private property only and shall not be placed on City of Gillette Property.  If you have any questions regarding Temporary Signs or to inquire about possible sign locations, please contact the City of Gillette Code Compliance Division at (307) 686-5309.


In accordance with the City of Gillette Zoning Ordinance, the following requirements must be met in order for the sign(s) to be placed on private property:


(9) Temporary Business Signs.31


(a)    Each business may have up to one (1) on-premise sign and two (2) off-premise signs or three (3) off-premise signs.  Except that all inflatable signs must be on-premise and may not exceed a total of three (3).56


(b)   No on-premise or off-premise sign shall be located in a public right-of-way or be located in a manner which constitutes a traffic or pedestrian hazard.  The location of the sign(s) must be stated on the permit as approved by the Zoning Administrator.


(c)    A business shall be permitted to display temporary signs for a maximum of ninety (90) days during a calendar year.  All dates of display must be stated on the permit.


(d)   In a unified shopping center on one (1) zone lot, no more than four (4) businesses shall be allowed to display on-premise signs at the same time on the zone lot.26


(e)    The sign may be illuminated, but it shall not flash, according to the definition contained elsewhere in these regulations.


(f)    No temporary sign shall exceed thirty-two (32) square feet in size.  Inflatable signs may be larger than thirty-two (32) square feet, provided their size, height and location have been reviewed and approved by the Zoning Administrator and all public health and safety concerns have been satisfied.