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2018 Penny Power Survey Results

The City of Gillette, Campbell County and the Town of Wright hosted 1% Sales Tax Educational and Listening Sessions. The sessions were an opportunity for the residents of Gillette and Campbell County to learn how 1% Sales Tax Dollars are used to benefit our community and to offer comments on how they view the tax.

All listening sessions were recorded by Gillette Public Access Television. The sessions have been archived for online viewing.

Click here for an interactive 1% Sales Tax Story Map.

The public votes on the 1% sales tax every four years and several months prior to the election, a survey is distributed that asks the public to determine the projects the public has set as priorities.

The City of Gillette uses its share of the 1% sales tax for the capital construction of roads, water, and sewer lines, as well as infrastructure, such as drainage improvements, Fishing Lake improvements, the wastewater treatment facility, parks, pathways, and much more. The Optional 1% Tax also supports local social service agencies.

From 1985 through 2017 the total amount received through 1% is $338,678,000. From 2007 through 2017, the total amount received was $221,442,000.00. Of those funds, approximately $11,000,000 went to social service agencies.

One Percent Graph 07-17

The graph below illustrates the importance of the Optional 1% to keep Utility Rates low. The orange line illustrates the proposed rate increases over the next 5 years for the Wastewater (Sanitary Sewer) Fund. In Fiscal Year 2023, it is projected the typical customer will pay $31.03 per month. This assumes 5.8% increases for the next 4 years. 
The red line projects what will happen if the Optional 1% is not available. Rates will need to increase 35% for three years. Over the same time period, a typical customer will pay $57.60 per month for sanitary sewer.

Wastewater Graph 

Agencies supported by the Optional 1% Sales Tax:
American Red Cross
Boys & Girls Club of Campbell County
Campbell County Adult Treatment Court
Campbell County Juvenile & Family Drug Court
Campbell County Senior Center
Climb Wyoming
Council of Community Services
Gillette Abuse Refuge Foundation
Gillette Reproductive Health
Personal Frontiers
Second Chance Ministries
Visitation & Advocacy Center for Sixth Judicial District
Y.E.S. House

Campbell County utilizes the 1% sales tax for youth and senior citizen programs, county roads, emergency & safety equipment and social service agencies. The Town of Wright uses its share of the 1% sales tax for capital construction, infrastructure, and operations.

Remember: when you see a penny power sign, your tax dollars are at work.