Linking Policies

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Links from the City of Gillette’s Website

The primary purpose of the City of Gillette’s official website is to provide information about the City’s government, services, and officials. The City’s website may provide links to external websites which also serve that purpose. These external links are hyperlinks from the City’s website to a website maintained by another party. These websites are not controlled, maintained, or regulated by the City of Gillette. These links are provided for users’ reference and convenience only. The City of Gillette does not control these other websites and is not responsible for their content. Use of information from those websites by the user is voluntary. Neither the City of Gillette’s website nor the external links list on the City’s website constitute a forum for expressive activity by members of the public.

The City of Gillette is not responsible for, does not endorse, and cannot assure the accuracy of the information on any linked website unless the City’s website states otherwise. We encourage users to independently review each website for its accuracy. The fact that the City has made these links available is not an endorsement or recommendation by the City of any of these sites or of any materials found there. The City of Gillette reserves the right to link to external websites that it feels would provide a service or benefit to Gillette’s citizens, businesses, and visitors. The City reserves the right to determine which external links shall appear on its website, on what page the link shall appear, and where the link shall be placed on the page. The City is not responsible for, and accepts no liability for, the availability of these outside resources.

At its discretion, the City of Gillette’s official website may provide links to external sites that fall into one of the following categories or types of organizations:

  • Federal, state, and other local governmental entities
  • Public educational institutions
  • Non-commercial organizations providing information about tourist attractions in the area
  • Non-profit economic development organizations
  • Organizations that provide government-related information and/or services in a way that is not available on an official government website

Links to the City of Gillette’s website

Advance permission to link to the City of Gillette’s website is not required. However, the party linking to the City’s website should be aware that pages may change at any time without notice. Entities and individuals linking to the City’s website shall not present the City’s website content as their own, otherwise misrepresent the City’s website content, or misinform users about the origin or ownership of the content. Links to the City’s website from third party websites shall not in any way suggest that the City of Gillette has any relationship or affiliation with that party, or that the City government endorses, sponsors, or recommends the information, products, or services of that site without expressed written permission from an executive of the City of Gillette.

Any link to the City’s website shall be a full forward link that passes the client’s browser to the City’s website unencumbered. The web browser’s “back” button shall return the user to the originating site. The City reserves the right to ask a third party to remove links to the City’s website at any time, for any reason, without notice. Third parties shall not use any of the City of Gillette’s logos, designs, slogans, images, trademarks, or service marks in or with their links to the City’s website.