The Yard Waste Drop-Off Center is open. Customers are asked to use caution as there are some muddy areas still. We’ll update you if there are any changes. 


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Wastewater Treatment Plant
3101 S Garner Lake Rd
Gillette, WY 82716
Phone (307) 686-5274
Fax (307) 686-7699
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Compost Availability

Stonepile Soil Amendments (Biosolids): Available
Yard Waste Compost: Available

Compost is $20 per cubic yard for Stonepile Soil Amendments (Biosolids) Compost and Yard Waste Compost. 

Pickup times for Compost:   8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 7 days a week 

The wastewater treatment facility (WWTF) treats an average of 3.04 MGD (million gallons per day). We reclaim the solids which are composted and sold to the public as the Class A biosolids product known as Stonepile Soil Amendments

Click here to learn about how wastewater is treated to create the Stonepile Soil Amendments (Biosolids) Compost.