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Transmission & Distribution System:

Staff is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 517 miles of combined underground and overhead electric distribution lines. They are also responsible for 31 miles of 69 kV transmission line that supplies the wholesale power that the City purchases for distribution to its customers. This includes emergency response to power outages and trouble shooting.


The City electrical system has 7 main electrical substations and 2 smaller transformation centers on the electrical distribution system that are called "mini-substations." The electrical operations crew is also responsible for operation and maintenance of these stations.

Electrical Distribution Line Extension:

The operations division is responsible for the installation of line extensions into new service territory. This includes new subdivision developments and areas annexed or acquired by the City.

Street Light Maintenance:

The Electrical Operations Section installs and maintains the Street lights for the entire City of Gillette. This currently totals approximately 3,208 poles and luminaries, which 19% of those are L.E.D.'s. The operations crew also maintains and installs the seasonal holiday decorations.

Capital Additions:

The Electrical Operations Section also assumes responsibility for the construction of selected capital improvement projects to the electrical distributions system. Examples of this include converting areas from 4 kV to 25 kV, 69kV transmission line extensions, underground cable replacements, overhead and underground line extensions, etc. Electrical Operations also provides quality control in conjunction with Electrical Engineering on projects completed by contractors.